Best binary options signals

Apart from binary robots which can independently close deals, there is such a auxiliary system as signals. This article will tell you what they are, how they can help traders, and how to use them.

Signals – are a financial warning that a trader gets via SMS, or email notification. These emails let traders know about an active increase or decrease in asset prices. The prognosis is calculated taking into account the movement rate for the next three hours.

In fact, with the indicated resource, you receive a message which contains the information about any asset, its price and the outlooks on its movement. Information is obtained on the basis of the analysis and monitoring of the movement of an asset for a certain period of time. This resource has a high accuracy, namely, about 70%, which allows you to be aware of all cases remotely.

Advantages of using signals

Signal services are considered to be the first helpers while trading binary options. Experienced traders use it as a major tool in the trade. We have to admit that this option is quite effective. The signals are most helpful for the traders who have the primary job and cannot spend much time on trading in front of a computer.

Signal service works in the following way: when you receive a message SMS: “EUR / GBP, call, 0.8776, deadline: 19.30 GMT”, a trader instantly appears aware of the situation in the market and, with the help of a computer or a mobile application, is able to carry out a profitable deal.

There are three types of binary options:

  1. The signals to trade on the currency market.
  2. The signals to trade binary options on the commodity market.
  3. The signals to trade binary options on the stock market.

Normally each section is connected separately. The obtained information is based on the analysis of various data. Certainly, the most reliable are those signals, which take into account a wider range of data, but the cost of the connection will be much higher.

Binary options signals are divided into the following categories (according to the type of the data processed):

  1. Based on the indicator reading;
  2. Based on the news;
  3. Based on the personal analysis of data made by an analyst;
  4. Based on the analysis of other signals, for example, indicators and news;
  5. Based on a common opinion of an analyst or a trader.

Basing on the indicators the signals work in the following way: on the basis of prices rising or falling an asset price movement is forecasted. The most accurate option that is perfect to work with is the one with the following prognoses: “actively sell”, “actively buy”. The proposal is stated at a time interval of 5 minutes, 15 minutes and an hour. The accuracy of the signals based on indicators reaches more than 70%. This is a fairly accurate prediction eliminating human factors.

The signals based on the latest news have positive statistics in the first place on the short options. Due to economic or political news prices on the currency market or commodity prices begin to move rapidly in the first 5-10 minutes yet. Experienced traders use this type of signals, which have high efficiency, reaching 80% of positive outcomes. That option can also be used independently, in case of having the ability to quickly obtain reliable information and carry out its analysis. However, if connecting this type of signals, experts analyze the market instead of you. Certainly, after doing this type of work for long time they can make a forecast as soon as possible, as you only need to use the information obtained.

The signals based on the data analysis  made by the analyst is primarily a “manual” work of an experienced trader. Doing a forecast, an analyst examines many market factors, often with access to exclusive information and forecasts reach 85% of accuracy. Using signals from analysts it is important to take into account the possibility of contacting with the scammers. That is why it is necessary to use reliable sources only.

There are mixed signals that analyze multiple sources of information. In such a case the likelihood of accurate predictions increases.

The signals based on a common opinion of an analyst or a trader have no significant difference from a simple analysis of an analyst. In both cases, the signal is made by an employee of the analytical center. Both options can be performed by the same person. However, it should be assumed, that in such a case an analyst demands more rewards, so the work carried out will be more qualified.

Making intermediate conclusion, I should note that it is difficult to tell which signals are more accurate. Each trader should choose for themselves personally which is more convenient to operate with. To do this, it will be easier just to try each.

Where to buy signals

In order to buy binary options signals one can refer to different kinds of sources: a specialized Internet portals, websites, forums, as well as binary brokers. Where the best signals are – there’s no right answer. In this case, one should independently test each of them. It is worth noting that the most expensive signal is not always the best one.

It is believed that the signals provided by brokers, are ones of the best. It seems rather contradictory, why do people who make money from the traders’ mistakes should help them to earn? After taking a good reflection on this point there comes to mind the following mediations. It is simply not profitable to do so, as the market of binary options brokers is very large and has a very high level of competition. They are very keen on people coming to them, and trading through their system. Big money can be earned on qualitative analysis.

Each broker has a staff of analysts group, who analyze the market, follow the news and do a bunch of other rough work. The information transfer service about to asset price movements serve as an additional broker’s income.

Serious brokers receive incomes from different sources. Good reputation leads to more and more traders. Advertising, funds turnover, various trade developments, paid programs for trading give huge profits and thus giving false information is more likely to harm, first the reputation of a reliable broker, and ultimately broker’s income.

Based on the study of market signals we should note that excellent signals for trading binary options are provided by such a broker as a uTrader. This system has collected a large amount of positive feedback as a broker and representative of third-party programs. BinaryTrader can also be attributed as a good broker providing high-quality signals.


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