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The main purpose of binary robots is enhancement of investment efficiency and increase in profits. The using of such programs turns out to be of service not only for novices, but also for experienced traders. The usage of binary robots makes an advantage on a number of the following reasons:

1. The principle of binary robot’s work is based on the market analysis and favorable deals choice. All robots have been tested within real statistic data.

2. Trade robots can operate 24 hours a day.

3. Robots can operate in the  mode of seeking for the most favorable deals, and suggesting you conducting an option. Or, they can operate in an automatical mode, and close deals on their own.

4. Binary robots do not work according to a principle “What if succeed” but according to mathematical calculation of deals.

5. Trade deals are closed within several seconds.

6. The security of your money is on the highest level.

Further, we will try to tell in details what binary robots are, what kinds of binary robots are, and how they operate as well as a lot of other useful information.

What binary robots are

There is a wide range of binary programs but we will have a general look on it. A binary robot is a computer program. Due to its possibilities one can get the statistics of assets prices development and basing on the analysis participate in more favorable deals. The results achieved through trading with a binary robot will excite you.

You can start to trade through a binary robot after three simple steps.

Step 1 – Sign in. In order to sign in you only need to fill in the lines with the information required. This step doesn’t pose any difficulties.

Step 2 – Choose a broker. You need to choose a broker (trading platform) out of the list. If you do not know what broker suits you do not worry, we will help you.

Step 3 – Introduction of assets – beginning of trading. The minimum sum necessary to start trading depends on a broker and amounts to $ 100 and $ 200 by others. There is no maximum limitations.

In order to start trading you need to customize a binary robot: a wide range of functions is possible, some of them are – to set a maximum number of trading operations, extent of risk when trading, maximum loss level per day, and a desirable asset for trading. There are programs set on automatical trading, and they will take decisions on their own.

How they help to optimize the process of work with a broker.

A binary robot makes an analysis of a wide data range, herewith, calculates the possibility of an asset increase/decrease during a certain period. The program easily allows to change the extent of risk and, as a result, suggests secure (on its opinion) deals. The extent of risk set is in direct proportion with an amount of profits.


Kinds of binary robots

There are two types of binary robots: the programs giving only recommendations on assets development and they are self-working. The second type needs customizing and then it closes deals by itself.

We will have a look at the following binary bots:


AlgoBit is designed and built into the broker OptionBit system. The program works on the following principle: the robot system is built into each trader terminal, and after the monitoring of prices of financial assets of motion, plus the work of traders in the system, the robot carries out the analysis and, based on the analysis, a forecast price development with a high probability. The broker’s site says the following about the program: “The signal indicates a potential change in the price of the asset. These signals should not be considered as a direct recommendation or advice in respect of trade, and their use will not necessarily lead to positive results. Each client has the right to adopt or reject the signals”.

Traders who use an OptionBit broker use the  trading for free in an automatic and semi-automatic mode. This program runs as a web application. This binary AlgoBit robot can operate autonomously, even when your computer is off and you are not online. To use it as a hint in the manual mode is also very simple. For this purpose you only need to adjust it properly.

In comparison with other robots, according to traders, AlgoBit is one of the best software assistants, working in semi-automatic mode. The information it gives is very useful as auxiliary an operator works by themselves. According to certain evidence, the traders who use AlgoBit information, increased profitability of its trading by 17-37%, which is a very good result.


MoneyBot. The programs is free and operates only with the uTrader platform. The program is posed as professional and its main principle is repeating previous successful deals. One should be attentive with the program since it operates on its own.


BinaryOptionRobot. An important feature of this product is the ability to customize various settings: set a daily stop-loss, the maximum amount of investment per day and the size of the amount traded. The testing of the prgram has shown that the chance of winning can be up to 83%. One more is that the program is completely independent and can trade even when you’re not online. The principle of the calculation is based on several indicators and Martingale principle (rate doubles after each loss).


UbotThe algorithm of the program is similar to BinaryPilot, the program copies successful results of traders’ transactions. The traders, whose successful transactions amount up to 70% or more come into the system, which is a generator of trade orders for robots. If you should play according to a strategy of one trader you will exactly copy their game ( both in the case of successful and unsuccessful transactions). If the trader is offline, correspondingly you also will not be able to trade. All kinds of options are so generated: one is trading on the trend system, the other on long-term options, etc. The system works with a Utrader broker. Do not ignore the 30% of failed trades. In this case, the robot doubles your loss, working on the Martingale principle.

The opinions about the operation of this binary robot diverge. Some traders make a lot of money using Ubot, others lose the same much money. The general conclusion is about ensuring that it is necessary to study the program and set it up correctly. Only the correctness and serious approach to business will determine the level of your incomes.


AutoBinary. The Binary Robot works with a Cedar Finance broker, and can operate in automatic or semi-automatic modes. The algorithm of the program is in constant analyzing the market, located in the trading platform of financial assets schedules. It is worth noting that this program is not a browser one. It is downloaded to your computer and trades are conducted via the program.

The company stated that the percentage of positive transaction is not less than 65%. The level of confidence in this robot is quite contradictory. Most traders, who use AutoBinary in semi-automatic mode, praised the program. The principle of work allows to scan the market of assets constantly and suggests carrying out various transactions. Again, it must be configured correctly. Statistics says that traders having used this binary robot increased their incomes by 20-30%, which is a good indicator of attractiveness.

Some traders say that by using AutoBinary they have lost handsome sums of money. Automatic mode turned out to be unprofitable with 5-6 trades in a row. The only possible response here is to say that this can happen to everybody and no-one is purely safe. The use of any aids will not save you from a “bad day”.

Why is it good to trade through a binary robot?

In order to answer this question it is worth considering the main peculiarities of the trading through a binary robot:

1. A binary options robot easily analyze all incoming information, seeking for this information on your own would take you much more time. Consider that you have a super productive worker, delivering super-value information.

2. A Binary robot can automatically conduct fast transactions, a human-being would simply fail to react that fast. The principle of operation is very simple. After identifying the trade as attractive the program closes a deal for the fraction of a second. You make a profit, but in case of a 3-5 seconds delay, you could fail.

3. The program can be customized with the minimum extent of risk and it will bring you stable profits and at the same time you can analyze and seek for favorable trades.

4. The robot is not affected by stress and emotions. Only the bare calculations give a command to conduct a transaction. Basing on the upper-laid information you can conclude what binary robot corresponds with your demands for working with binary options.

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