Binary options trading platform

Today binary options are one of the most profitable methods of earning online. The advantage is considered to be relative simplicity. After all, in trading binary options you do not need to buy / sell stocks, but only to monitor the movement of prices on them, and on the basis of an opinion to guess in which direction they will move.

In order to trade binary options traders need a single platform, which is called the marketplace. Marketplace is needed to track fluctuations in the value of assets, transactions, transfer of funds.

For a trading binary options beginner it is very important to make the right choice in favor of a more user-friendly platform. The fate of investment, stability of earnings, ease of operation depend on this choice. Make a choice in favor of one or another trading platform is not so easy and here you should deal with a big number of factors. Firstly, there is a large number of competing marketplaces, each of which lures traders, offering them a variety of bonuses. Secondly, most sites for trading binary options (almost all rating) are the Western companies registered in offshore zones. Thirdly, there is a high risk of running into scams and lose money.


Despite this, the world’s trading platforms are safe for traders. Each of them cares for their reputation, as well as value regulators’ licenses. In the process of violations the regulators can impose sanctions.In the CIS countries binary options trading is at its the development stage. However, today the market is virtually controlled and it is very easy to get into the hands of fraudsters. In almost all such cases people give their money away forever. We recommend you to use trading platforms with a worldwide reputation.


That is why when choosing a trading platform, it is necessary to pay special attention to the world rankings and the reputation of the company, the existence of any regulatory certificates, support analysts, operation, quality trading platform with high-quality software. In this case, you can count on fair trade. As for software, it is basically built in the platform of the broker’s official website. Practically all platforms have a function of a demo account. Thanks to it, you will be able to explore the trades work on the site for free. It is worth paying attention to the speed of upgrading price movement charts, the presence of any of brakes when reloading the page, ease of a program, which is also an important factor. An ability to work on a demo account allows you to choose the best site.


Our rating of trading platforms

There is a huge selection of different trading platforms, which are convenient for both experienced traders and beginners. Almost all platforms offer traders the same set of functions and related conditions but, nevertheless, we shall understand, what exactly can be different among them.


Firstly, the program interface. Create a correct interface is not very easy, starting with the color scheme, which is important, which lures potential traders on a subconscious level, and ending with functionality. After a nice shell there must be a high level of functionality, and the program should be succinct, concise, understandable on an intuitive level for both experienced users, or  novices. A platform window must possess all working functions, and at the same time it should not be overloaded.

Secondly, binary options platform must be able to fully interact with the system through a standard browser. For such trade you can work directly through a broker website by entering your details (login and password). The majority of trading platforms operate on the program, downloaded and installed on your computer. This option creates significant inconvenience – you can work only on the computer which the application is installed on. Let’s have a closer look on what advantages and disadvantages trading platforms have, working through a browser or through a special application.


The advantages of the applications working through a browser:


The advantages of the applications working through a program:


Thirdly, the ability to support a mobile application. For the majority of today’s traders the ability to be mobile at work is an important factor. These applications allow you to log in the platform and start earning anywhere in the world from your mobile device or tablet based on Android or iOS. All you need is to have an access to the World Wide Web.


A huge choice of platforms for binary options trading offers users a range of benefits: trading, training opportunities, a demo account, and other functions. Availability of a demo account function allows you to try your hand at trading binary options for novices or to test the performance of the trading platform for skillful traders. In this mode, you do not risk to lose your money. The function allows you to learn all the features of options trading. Using a demo account is also popular within experienced traders and not only to familiarize themselves with the trading platform work. Trade in this mode allows traders to create a new strategy, or develop already known one without a risk of losing money.


However, there are not so many binary options trading platforms capable of operating in a demo mode. Most platforms require to pre-pay your account, and only then proceed to demo trading. This option is the most popular. Certainly, a trader trains to trade without loss of funds, but in the end they still will start to work with real money, because funds already entered the system. The second option is a demo account with a time limit. For sure, they are more popular within Forex trading but they also exist in binary options trading. Such accounts are available to visit from several hours to several days. Non-limited demo accounts without having to deposit exist as well. To use it one only need to be registered in the trading platform system.


Taking into account the experience and the feedback from traders, we have compiled the following rating of binary options trading platforms. In the ranking they were rated from the best to unknown on the scale from 1 to 4 points.

Trading platform Points Feedback
1 SpotOption 1 The oldest and the most popular platform. It has been existing since 2009. High rating received through its performance, quality and ease of operation. It collaborates with the most prominent brokerage companies. It supports all available services, intuitive interface. It has high marks on all counts. It is very popular within experienced traders.
2 TradoLogic 2 Less popular, though an also very high-quality platform. It is used by a large number of traders. It has fewer professional tools, but is simpler and has playing pieces. One of the best performance platforms. Just the right choice for beginners.
3 StockPair Trading Platform 2 It has been on the world market since 2009. One of the most popular and well-known binary options trading platforms. Functional Enough, has a wide range of options.

The advantage is a weak level of additional tips. It is best suited for more experienced traders, beginners should look for something else.
4 AnyOption 3 It was developed for themselves and is not shared. It is very fast and safe. Some more advantages are the simplicity in use, speed. It supports a mobile application. Low graphics support is a significant drawback.
5 TradeSmarter 1 An Australian trading platform. Regulated by ASIC, and the Australian Securities, and Invest com. The most popular at home and one of the most popular in the world. It has a wide optional, big variety of trading tools. Is quite difficult to use, one needs time to get used to it.
6 MarketPulse 3 A slower program than the others. 100% online version. The disadvantages are a limited duration. A bad tool for technical analysis.
7 TechFinancials 1 It has been exisitng since 2010. The program is very modern and easy to use with a wide range of tools. Many traders recognize it as one of the best. The high level of security and quality of service. Clear and user-friendly.
8 ParagonEX 2 The main plus is a high level of security. 100% browser-based program. It works fast, a powerful designer.

The disadvantages include low graphics, the assistant is very weak. Limited options. A small selection of options.
9 EzTrader Platform 3 The platform has been on the market since 2008. The platform is the oldest in the list of trading platforms. Regulated by CySEC, a minimum deposit amount to $ 200, the minimum transaction is $ 25.

It is one of the best in safety and functionality. Very high quality technical support. There is a trade training center with video tutorials. It supports a mobile application. Quick withdrawal of funds directly to the credit card.

The disadvantages are the high complexity of the program. Limited information on assets. A limited set of functions. Low graphics. No demo account (for beginners).

Regardless of its shortcomings, it is in the list of recommended broker platforms.
10 Keystone TT 2 It is one of the smallest of binary options trading platforms on the market. It is easy to use, understandable on an intuitive level. It has CySEC license and cooperates with such brokers as TopOption and Winner-Option. It works quite good and the platform it can be compared in some respects with such market leaders of the binary options as AnyOption, StockPair. It has some bonuses but in general they are worse.

The main disadvantage is a truncated number of options. Graphic chart is of poor quality. It is a rather specific platform that will suit not all, but it’s worth trying out.
11 Panda TS 1 It is a rather new trading platform, a not very popular one but more and more brokers are starting to use this platform. The advantages of this platform include its quality. Beautiful design, according to functionality many recognize it as one of the best (when being designed the shortcomings and the positive qualities of other platforms were taken into account). The platform has quite high functionality and efficiency of the program. There are very good quality tips for more information.

The disadvantage is the presence of only short-term rates, limited list of assets.
12 All the rest 4 New trading platforms appear every year, and perhaps you will be able to find your own one, convenient and reliable, the one not mentioned in the article.

In conclusion we want to note that while choosing a trading platform it is important, first of all, to obtain the necessary information allowing to analyze the market correctly, and to trade in a winning position. In other cases, the choice should not necessarily stand in favor of the most popular ones. It is crucial to choose a platform for yourselves, according to certain nuances and, of course, taking into account the future security of your money. Make sure to check the availability of a regulator license. As for the rest, we wish you a lot of successful deals!


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