Binary options market regulators


The process of licensing of brokers binary options is an important procedure that reflects the consistency of a specific trader site. After receiving the certificate a broker states that s/he is serious and came to this field not for one day.

First of all it is worth understanding what these regulations are for:

It is vital for a broker not only to have a license but also the institute that has given the license matters.


In this regard, the international market regulators conduct their commitments much more efficient, rather than local organizations. If a trader does not want to lose all their money just by moving them unclear to whom, then, while choosing a broker, it is necessary to look at the regulator of the license. It’s like in the store when you buy goods you know they are certified – and thus meet all the quality standards. The result of purchasing substandard goods can be both mild poisoning and serious illness. The same is here, to trust your assets to a not registered broker creates a great risk of losing all your assets, that is why every investor should be aware of the binary options regulators, the basic functions and guaranteesissued by them. There are two official structures controlling the trade of binary options in Europe: CySEC and FCA.


Cyprus Securities Commission CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Comission) performs the functions of the main controller in Europe. This organization’s main aim is to control the companies forming financial flows, and the binary options are officially included, by the commission by CySEC, in the list of regulated investment markets.


Main CySEC functions:


Binary options broker’s possession of a license by CySEC indicates a high level of services, security and transparency of operations. These companies inspire the confidence of traders.


FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) – Commission on the financial behavior in the United Kingdom. This organization is controlled by the UK Ministry of Finance. It is funded by membership fees of regulated companies. FCA identifies its main goal as improving financial literacy and confidence of traders and forming a national strategy for the education of the population.


Main FCA functions:


When working through a broker possessing a FCA license, you can be sure in the security of your assets and in fair trading without scams.


We can guarantee the following binary options brokers:


The brokers listed have European license NFA — National Futures Association, the best US regulator. This organization regulates the derivatives market, futures exchanges, OTC foreign exchange market and OTC derivatives market. It is believed the choice in favor of the broker recommended by the regulator – the guarantee of reliability of future transactions. NFA is a nonprofit, independent organization, not a commercial organization. NFA works for free for taxpayers and is financed by membership fees. This association fights against fraud and abuse in the futures markets through strict adherence to fair trade rules.


There are many other companies giving licenses to brokers: Australia – Australian Securities and Ivestments Comission, France – Banque de France, Germany – Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, Japan – Financial Services Agency, the USA – U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Comission.


There are some unofficial organizations regulating the binary options market on the territory of the Russian Federation: TSROF, TSRFIN, KROUF, and RAUF. These organizations were formed by brokerage companies as self-organized associations. Such associations are not subject to the state and, therefore, do not have a legal obligation, but according to their internal provisions they are to provide honesty, transparency and security of traders’ work on the territory of the Russian Federation.


TSOFR (Center of Financial Markets Relations Regulation) is considered to be the main organization. This is a non-profit organization, operates on the territory of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). This regulator, to a greater extent, is responsible for the security of our traders. The main objectives of the organization are to establish control over the futures, exchange markets, securities markets and others. The principles of work are similar to the principles of the European regulator CySEC.


TSOFR impose the following requirements for the brokers willing to get their certificate:


We want to not what guaranties TSOFR gives:

In order to file a complaint about a broker it is necessary to address to the regulator who has given a license.

How to file a complaint to a regulator?

Now let’s consider the issue of filing a complaint about a broker. Certainly, no one wants to face it, but I can’t help raising this topic. The first thing you need to know is who gave a license to your negligent broker and this is the regulator you should write to. If the license was issued by CySEC regulator.


In order to write complaints to CySEC you need to follow the link. Next you need to fill in the fields with your details and file a complaint. Express yourself clearly and distinctly when writing a complaint. Only the Facts, no emotions. Then wait for a response to your e-mail from the controller. If a broker was issued a license by FCA regulator then go to the following link complaint. Next, you should also fill in the blanks. The interface is different, but the fields require all the same information.


The above-listed resources are in English, and therefore the complaint, composed in Russian, will not have any reaction. That is why, correctly describe the issue in English (so that you would be understood) and send. Once again I draw your attention to the spelling of the complaint. Ignore any kind of emotions. Communicate in a dry and strict manner. Distinctly express your thoughts. In order to write complaints to TSROFR regulator you need to follow this link.


I also want to draw your attention to the fact that a complaint is received from the client, if the broker does not respond to the trader’s request for more than 7 working days. The term of consideration of complaints may vary from 7 days to 1 month, but as a rule the first figure is closer to reality. If you worked an unlicensed broker the return of your assets is reduced to zero. Therefore, we recommend you to use the services of only proven trader sites. We really hope that you will not have to file complaints and I would like to wish you SUCCESSFUL TRADING!


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